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Brought back the smiles...

Angie & Gerard, Feb 2015 

Just visited your website! Brought big smiles to our faces as we listened to your music while seeing your pictures scroll across the screen! And to think you have been at our home so many times for our Fall picnic! We are honored! Hi Mark, Hi Randy, Hi Chuck, Hi Mike and Hi to your drummer who I do not believe we have yet met.
Best wishes to all of you. You're awesome! We will be up north in Posen for our annual Zapusty Dinner Dance (Polish pre-lenten dance) and dancing the polka! Hence, we will not be able to attend your event in Chelsea on Feb. 14th. Perhaps we can catch one of your summer events! Take care and keep having fun! Actually, we know you will always keep having fun!

Let's Jam...

Evan & Cheryl, Feb 2015

It was great listening to you at the alehouse last week. I just wanted to give you our contact info in case you get a jam set up. And actually we just met a claw hammer banjo player in Chelsea that we are going to play tunes with, so there are at least 3 of us that you could count on for a jam!

Uplifting show...

Eliz, August 2014

We had a great time at Bob's last night. you guys are passionate and fun and uplifting. Can't wait to hear you all again.  I sure hope you will come back next year.  thanks eliz

Warmed us up...

Ralph & Mary, July 2014

Even though it was a cool evening, you were a great way to warm us up in St. Clair, MI last night. You were our #1 band at Thumbfest the last couple years.  Thank you for a wonderful night!

Orchestra, no pressure...

Rosie, June 2014

Hello! All of you did a wonderful job tonight with the 5/6th grade orchestra kids :) we loved the show! Mr Fritzemeier mentioned you will be playing at sights & sounds this Thursday in Chelsea. Would you mind if my daughter came with her violin & played the song you played with the group tonight? She would so enjoy it! No pressure if you have a set all together. She'd just join you for that song :) thanks again.

Kentucky blood...

Sandy, July 2013

Hi I heard you all in South Lyon for the first time. I've never heard live cajun music but you guys were GREAT totally warmed my heart. I have Kentucky blood in me but somewhere... no there is cajun. Thank you AWESOME show will try to see you again. God bless all of you!

Boudin and crawfish...

Dave & Tracey, June 2013

Tracy & I both enjoyed meeting and listening to the band last night. We were both home sick for some good boudin and Crawfish ( as you know a Louisiana staple ) as we danced and drank. We look forward to our next chance to get together and "Pass a good time". 
Best wishes!

Cajun Shrimp Boil...

Dave, June 2012

Creole du Nord played our seventh annual Cajun Shrimp Boil in Boyne City, Michigan. Even though the temperature outside the tent was cool, their music warmed the crowd. We have had nothing but good comments about this highly professional band. If you hire them I highly recommend you advise your attendees to bring their dancing shoes!