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Creole du Nord's sound can be traced to southwest Louisiana’s traditional music.

On fiddles, accordion, guitar, bass, pedal steel, and drums, they mix things up - keeping uneasy company with slicker stuff of todays music.  When you hear Creole du Nord you move to the groove, dance and have fun.  And if you're wondering "Where do they get their passion?"   It seems that Creole, Cajun & Zydeco music from Louisiana music bring a real element of passion to this band. It’s become of mission of band leader Mark Palms to find Cajun & Zydeco tunes, waltzes, and old time fiddle tunes that lift the spirit and inspire his talented band mates.  


Creole du Nord is proud to be a small part of keeping this passionate music alive. So if you find them playing for a community event, a festival, or somewhere on the street…I am certain you'll enjoy what you hear and will appreciate their passionate music.